Secure Your Online Accounts with the SafeConnex Password Keeper

Odds are that you have more than one or two user accounts you keep on the internet. Between email, online banking and social media - which is a category in and of itself thanks to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and countless more - it wouldn't be unusual if you had at least a dozen different usernames and corresponding passwords floating around out there. This fact makes a password keeper like SafeConnex all the more necessary.

There is certainly a temptation to use the same password for all of these different sign-ins, particularly if it's an easy one to remember. But, unfortunately, the easier it is for you to remember your password, the easier it is for identity thieves to figure it out too. Simple, one-word phrases - especially easily guessable ones like "password" or "123456" - offer little protection from identity theft. In order to best secure your online accounts from hackers, it's essential to safeguard each of your logins with its own unique password, made from a custom (and ideally, random) selection of letters, numbers and characters. It's also smart to opt for passphrases rather than passwords - string together three words, or a whole sentence, instead of a simple one-word entry.

The more difficult your password is to remember, the less likely identity thieves will be able to crack it. Of course, when you keep your password safe this way, you probably won't have the easiest time committing them all to memory. That's where SafeConnex, a reliable and intuitive password keeper app, comes into play.

With SafeConnex's password saver program, you can store all of your passwords into a single, safe location. Not only is this a handy safeguard against hackers and identity thieves - and a more secure alternative to writing them all down on a sheet of paper - but it act as an easy reference guide in case you should ever forget the exact digits of one of your many passwords.