Online Password Manager Provides Added Protection

With the large amounts of personal data stored on the internet today, Identity thieves are working harder than ever to bypass your safeguards and take advantage of the reputation that you've worked hard to build. Mobile banking, online shopping, and social media accounts are all examples of frequently used services that require a username and password. Using a unique password for every site is a great way to help keep your information safe. If one password is compromised, the damage is kept relatively minimal, and cyber-criminals will not be able to use the password to access other sites. However, using a unique password for every site can be very inconvenient.

The Difficulty of Unique Passwords

Multiple passwords can lead to a lot of confusion, and may often require a lot of time to recall. On top of that, some people may even resort to writing their passwords down on paper, or storing them in a list on their phone or computer. Keeping all of your passwords in one unprotected place poses the same amount of risk that consumers try to avoid by using unique passwords in the first place. Fortunately there is a solution.

ID Vault for Safety and Convenience

The ID Vault online password manager can offer you the safety of unique passwords with the convenience of one, easy to remember code. With this tool, you can securely store all of your passwords, and securely save your online accounts while offering one-click access. This online password manager even helps to protect you from malicious software. Experience the help that ID Vault can offer, with your free trial of Total Protection® today!