Password Management Provides Added Protection

There is a large amount of personal information available on the internet today. With sensitive data on mobile banking, online shopping, and social media sites, identity thieves are eager to bypass your defenses. With identity thieves working hard to steal your reputation, you need to respond in kind by working hard to protect it. Did you know that using one password for all of your sites can be dangerous? If a cyber-criminal is able to steal the password for even one of your sites, they will have access to an array of your online presence. Don't let this happen to you.

Convenient Online Password Management

Creating a unique password for every site can be challenging, and can even require time to manage. Resorting to writing your passwords on a piece of paper, or on a list in your phone can expose you to even more risk. If your phone or written record of passwords is stolen, identity thieves will have easy access to your online information, and it can be difficult to recover. By using a password management tool, you can help to increase the security of your web presence and personal information.

The Answer

ID Vault is a software solution offered by Identity Guard® included with the Total Protection® and Platinum level services. This password manager offers one-click access to your accounts while securely storing your passwords and saving your online accounts. ID Vault even helps to protect your from malicious software. Searching for the best password manager app is important, but don't rely solely on password manager reviews. Try the ID Vault password management software today to see if it is right for you!