Password Manager Reviews

The internet has provided a medium for doing business and communicating in a more efficient way than ever before. The availability of ecommerce, mobile banking, and social communication has changed the way that people and businesses work. Unfortunately, keeping all of your online shopping, banking, and social media passwords straight is no easy task. Using the same password for all of your profiles is not the answer. Using the same password can leave your online information very susceptible to identity theft. Think about it, if your password is stolen, an identity thief has outright access to all of your personal and financial information that is housed on the internet.

Use Unique Passwords

To avoid the risk of using one global password, you should have a unique password for every site that you use. Unfortunately, keeping all of these passwords straight can be hard to do. Some people resort to writing them down on a piece of paper, or listing them inside of their phone. However, if that piece of paper or phone is stolen, you are once again at the liberty of an identity thief who controls all of your login credentials and web profiles.

The Answer: Password Manager

A password manager can help solve your problems. Password manager reviews will tell you that most available services include the housing of multiple passwords to decrease risk of identity theft. A password manager comparison should also reveal the level of security and convenience of the service. Identity Guard® offers a password protection service that can securely store all of your passwords, online accounts and offer one-click access for adding your accounts. Reviews can be helpful, but try ID Vault included with Identity Guard Total Protection® and Platinum level services today and let your experience speak for itself.