Password Software

Whether you use one password across all of your online accounts, or you use a unique password for every profile; the following information is for you. Using one password for everything is dangerous. If someone is able to get ahold of your password for one account, they have access to all of your accounts. This can be especially dangerous for mobile banking, or online shopping accounts that have your financial information saved. Using a unique password can help protect from identity thieves gaining access to more than one account at a time. Keeping track of a number of unique passwords can be a managerial nightmare, however. Fortunately, there is a solution to this paradox.

Use Password Management Software

Password storage can help you keep your accounts more safe, while offering the convenience of a single password. Identity Guard® offers the ID Vault password software with Total Protection® and Platinum service levels. This online password manager can securely store all of your passwords, save all of your accounts, and provides one-click access for adding your accounts. On top of that, you can expect safe browsing on the web, and ID Vault helps to protect you from malicious software. This software vault bridges the gap of convenience and safety.

This solution is just another way that Identity Guard has solutions that are designed to meet your needs. But don't take our word for it; start your free trial that includes our password manager now!