For effective and convenient password storage, try SafeConnex

In the last few years, identity theft has skyrocketed into becoming America's fastest-growing crime, in large part because of the phishing, malware and data breaches that occur online. With more and more individuals and businesses alike shifting their personal and financial information onto the web, cyber thieves and hackers have taken notice and responded accordingly. The result? A massive number of ID theft victims.

Part of the problem is that far too many people put this kind of sensitive data into accounts with weak passwords. Relying on pet's names, birthdays and even Social Security Numbers, these account holders are practically inviting identity thieves to steal their information. While there's no such thing as a 100 percent foolproof method of identity theft protection, stronger password security can act as an effective deterrent to even the most adept hackers. This means dropping the one-word, one-size-fits-all-accounts password, and crafting a wide range of diverse phrases that utilize combinations of letters, numbers and symbol that give each the individual account its own independent lock.

Of course, once you've actually done all that, you may run into a new issue: Juggling all of these complicated passwords in your head. Luckily, this problem is even easier to solve. While you may search for password manager reviews to find the best storage option, you'll quickly find that SafeConnex is the best password manager app on the market, allowing you to place your many, hard-to-decipher passwords under one proverbial roof. SafeConnex's cyber security measures will help ensure that your passwords are in safe hands, while at the same time acting as a convenient reference where you can look up any password for any account - should you not know it off the top of your head - allowing you to bypass that daunting task of memorizing a couple dozen random phrases. Don't believe us? See for yourself and try SafeConnex today!