Password Vault

One of the best practices for keeping a safe identity is to have a unique password for every internet site. This is a measure to keep your banking, social profiles, and other institutional information relatively safe. If an identity thief is able to steal one of your passwords, the damage is limited, and the thief will have only gained access to one site. People may not practice this method of internet safeguarding because having a different password for every site can be confusing, and the passwords may need to be written down in order to remember…which adds another layer of risk to the situation.

There is a Solution

How can you find a balance between using one password due to ease, and multiple unique passwords due to safety? Part of the Identity Guard® suite of software tools that is designed to help you secure your personal information holds the answer. Password protection is provided by ID Vault. This software solution stores your login credentials and credit card information to give you secure, one-click access to your online shopping, banking, and other accounts. ID Vault encrypts passwords, usernames and credit card information securely on your PC.

More Identity Guard® Solutions

In addition to a password vault, Identity Guard includes anti-virus and keystroke encryption. Each of these programs is used to help make sure that your personal information stays out of the hands of identity thieves. Get protected now with Identity Guard. Count on us to help protect what makes you…you.