Personalized Identity Theft Protection

Identity thieves are constantly evolving their methods for stealing sensitive information and using it to commit varying degrees of identity theft, making identity protection harder and harder every day. While thieves are focusing to go on the offensive, it’s important to stack up your defense to help block some attempts of identity theft.

Better protection

One of the great features of Identity Guard®  are the tools. Rather than only relying on traditional identity theft protection features, we also incorporate other tools to help protect your. For example, Identity Guard offers tools to help protect your personal information and lower your risk of identity theft along with a dedicated case manage for identity theft victims so that you can better handle fraud instances as they come up.

One size does not fit all

While other services focus on credit reports and scores, Identity Guard works as a monitoring tool, keeping a watchful eye out for certain activity that may indicate fraud in your credit files, on the internet and even in the dark web. This multi-platform monitoring system helps by alerting you of possible fraud attempts and allows you to take action, either by yourself or with the help of our case managers, to mitigate the harm of the threat.

We can never fully guarantee that identity theft won’t happen to you, but taking a proactive approach to your personal identity theft may help lower you chances of becoming a victim. Enlisting a service like Identity Guard can help you take steps toward protection. Learn more today!