Newsroom: Identity Guard Launches New Identity Theft Protection Service

Consumers now have access to a simplified identity theft protection solution

CHANTILLY, VA- January 9, 2014 – Identity Guard®, a leader in identity theft protection, is pleased to announce the launch of its newest identity theft protection service, Identity Guard® Essentials. Identity Guard Essentials offers a simplified approach to identity protection. Backed by Intersections Inc., the trusted and reliable company that has been serving customers for more than 17 years, Identity Guard makes it easy for consumers to find the right service that fits their needs. With Identity Guard, consumers can choose from comprehensive all-in-one credit and identity solutions or simplified, lower-cost identity focused packages, like Identity Guard Essentials.

"There are so many different types of identity theft protection services in the market today that it can be confusing to know which one is right for you," said Steve Schwartz, President of Identity Guard. "While many services include credit monitoring which can help detect identity theft that hits your credit report, Identity Guard Essentials takes it one step further proactively monitoring your personal information and alerting you to suspicious activity, allowing you the opportunity to take even more prompt action before it hits your credit report."

As consumers are busy trying to manage their hectic day-to-day lives, identity theft protection is not always top of mind. While some consumers may feel monitoring their financial accounts is enough to protect them from fraud, they may be failing to detect fraudulent use of other personal information that is just as important, such as Social Security numbers. With Identity Guard Essentials, consumers will be alerted if potentially fraudulent activity is detected, and have peace of mind knowing they have somebody to rely on to help them respond should their information become compromised.

"Unfortunately, identity theft is not going away any time soon. Being proactive and taking steps to protect your personal information can go a long way and may save you from the trouble and hassle associated with recovering from identity theft," said Schwartz.

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About Identity Guard
Identity Guard is a proactive identity and credit protection service that delivers premium solutions to help busy families and individuals take control over their personal and private information. Our services help educate and empower individuals to protect themselves from the growing threat of identity theft with premier identity protection and credit monitoring solutions. Identity Guard is provided by Intersections Inc. (NASDAQ: INTX), which, since 1996, has protected more than 36 million consumers.