Identity Guard® and Privacy Guard®

Between all the reports of major data breaches, and billions of dollars spent over fraudulent tax returns, odds are you have heard a thing or two about identity theft by now. While you may have been prone to dismiss this growing wave of fraud and cybercrime in the past, these cases have unfortunately become too commonplace to ignore, and it's more important than ever to protect yourself from the threat of identity theft.

While no service can completely guarantee identity protection, there are services available that can mitigate your risk and even provide insurance in the event of fraud. Take a look at how services from Identity Guard® and Privacy Guard® stack up against each other.

Identity Guard

Identity Guard provides credit monitoring from all three major credit reporting firms - TransUnion®, Experian®, and Equifax® - to alert you to certain kinds of changes that may indicate ID theft. Additionally will receive a 3-bureau credit report and scores* update four times a year.

Complementing these features, Identity Guard also includes Social Security Number (SSN) monitoring, ID verification alerts, credit application notifications and public record monitoring. All of these features help to promptly notify you of certain changes to your financial and personal information so that you can take immediate action in the event that it is fraud.

Privacy Guard

Privacy Guard shares many of these same capabilities, such as tracking your credit file for certain activity and providing credit reports and scores. Like Identity Guard, Privacy Guard also supplies customers with financial calculators and tools to help you make financial decisions.

Final Verdict

While Privacy Guard offers comparable credit reports, scores and monitoring, Identity Guard has the edge with the additional identity protection features not found in Privacy Guard, making it a more comprehensive tool for identity theft protection.