Identity Guard® with Watson™

Identity Protection Just Got Personal

Personalized Identity Protection

Identity Guard® with Watson™ learns about your lifestyle and habits through an easy-to-use pool of questions. Simply select your answer to each to build your profile. You can answer as many as you want, and you can do so at your own pace. As Identity Guard® learns more about how you live, your protection becomes even more personalized.

Early Detection and Personalized Alerts

Using cognitive computing built with IBM Watson™ technology, Identity Guard® searches hundreds of thousands of news sources daily to detect potential risks. When one of the risks we detect applies to your profile, Identity Guard® sends you a Threat Alert. A Threat Alert is a push notification delivered to your mobile device and to your Identity Guard® alert queue. Its purpose is to highlight the most pertinent details of the risk and present actionable advice to help you address, resolve, or prevent threats against your personal information.

Someone took a loan out in your name
New action steps available
Fraudulent activity detected

Take Action

When you receive a Threat Alert from Identity Guard®, simply follow the clear, actionable steps to help protect your personal privacy. Watson™ cognitive technology plus the Identity Guard® proprietary algorithm deliver these personalized alerts as soon as the threat is confirmed. This means you have the opportunity to take early action with your data, accounts, and passwords—often before problems affect you.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Identity Guard® with Watson™ keeps you up-to-date on your comprehensive risk assessment by changing color depending on your overall threat level. By taking steps to resolve your threat alerts, you can confidently see your Identity Guard® risk level improve. If new threats occur, Identity Guard® automatically changes color again and alerts you to take further action to protect your identity.

The Ongoing Power of Watson™

Identity Guard® with Watson™ is leading the ever-evolving field of identity and personal privacy protection. With the Identity Guard® proprietary algorithm and Watson™ cognitive computing scouring for new threats, you’re not subscribing to a fixed service. You’re enrolling in an evolving, intelligent system of identity protection that helps to keep pace with the changing risks of our times.

As you continue to build your profile and respond to your Threat Alerts, you’ll continuously stay current with the most comprehensive identity protection available.

Going Beyond Restoring Your Name

Identity Guard® comes with a $1 million insurance policy**  to restore your identity if there is a problem. But with our Watson™-powered, personalized, early-detection service, we hope you’ll never need it.

Watson™ also works with a suite of apps by Identity Guard® to fortify your privacy protection. These include an anti-phishing app, a safe browsing extension, and more.

From a company that has protected over 47 million consumers, Identity Guard with Watson™ redefines the standards of privacy protection.