Identity Guard® and Protect My ID®

It's a sad fact that instances of identity theft, tax fraud and data breaches have become all too common in the headlines nowadays. The silver lining to this phenomenon, though, is that as ID theft becomes more prevalent, so do options for identity theft protection. While none of these services can completely protect you from identity theft, some can provide greater levels of coverage than others. Here are some of the differences offered by Identity Guard® and Protect My ID®.

Identity Guard

By subscribing to Identity Guard Total Protection®, customers will have access to quarterly credit score* and report updates from all three of the country's credit reporting bureaus: TransUnion®, Experian®, and Equifax®. Identity Guard also provides credit monitoring from all 3 bureaus. Identity Guard can also better help protect your online privacy and data protection with a variety of features that include computer protection, keystroke encryption, ID verification alerts, change of address notifications, lost wallet protection, online financial tools, and up to $1 million ID theft insurance** - all working together to track and notify you to certain potential fraud in your online or financial activities.

Identity Guard will also scour the internet for certain instances where your Social Security Number, credit cards or bank accounts may have been compromised, traded and sold - all potential indications of identity theft.

Protect My ID

Backed by the credit reporting firm Experian, Protect My ID also shares many of the same advantages as Identity Guard including change of address, credit, and internet monitoring. Also like Identity Guard, Protect My ID insures its customers for up to $1 million for identity theft related expenses, which may include fraudulent transfers, legal expenditures, and lost wages.

Final Verdict

These two packages share many of the same features and no one would be doing themselves a disservice with either company. Given the option, though, Identity Guard provides just a little bit more protection with the inclusion of computer protection to help protect your privacy.