How Identity Guard® Helps to Protect My Identity

With the availability of personal information on banking, online shopping, and social media sites, the internet is a very rewarding place for identity thieves. Thieves could be working around the clock to gain access to your information, and by now you should be thinking, "I need a reliable way to protect my identity." There are good habits that you can develop like not banking or shopping through public WIFI, or never posting personal identification on social media sites, but even these habits cannot guarantee your identity to be 100% safe.

Identity Theft Protection Help

Identity Guard® offers identity theft protection services that can help you protect your sensitive information. Our available three step process – Monitor, Protect, and Recover – uses a variety of solutions to help safeguard your identity. Monitoring is implemented through credit, identity, and public record monitoring with prompt alerts that deliver up-to-date information on your personal security. The Protect stage is carried out with anti-virus, password protection, and keystroke encryption which all serve to help you protect identity related and personal information. The Recover stage is composed of personal recovery assistance, up to $1 million in identity theft insurance**, and lost wallet protection. If your information is stolen while you're a member, we will do everything we can to help you get your identity back.

The Next Step

Now that you are aware of the solutions that are available to help protect your identity, you should make sure that they are working for you. Identity Guard helps to keep you safe from criminal activity and its negative effects. Count on us help protect what makes you… you. Get protected now!