How to Protect Your Identity

With all of the information sharing that goes on in the world today, identity theft is a growing problem. The internet has allowed for the collection of knowledge from all corners of the world. Unfortunately, this abundance of information is frequently being taken advantage of by identity thieves. There are many different ways that your sensitive information can be obtained, which is why knowing how to guard your information can help you protect your identity.

Protect your wallet

Pick-pocketing still exists today, and losing your wallet or purse is always a risk that you take when you go out. Try not to carry any sensitive identification with you on a regular basis. Documents such as a passport, Social Security card, or birth certificate could give an identity thief a large amount of control over your personal information and accounts. Keeping these documents in a secure location could save you from a potential headache if your wallet or purse is ever stolen or misplaced. Also be wary of virtual pick-pockets, if you store you credit card information online be on the lookout for data breaches or hacks that could threaten that security.

Monitor your credit

As an American, you are entitled to three free credit reports every year, one from each of the major credit bureaus. Using these reports to help you monitor you credit activity could help you uncover potential identity fraud. Checking each of these reports can help you keep your finances safe and help you detect fraudulent activities taking place under your name.

Protect with professional help

When it comes to protecting personal information, you can always look for professional aid. Identity Guard can help with a variety of products, that specialize in helping people protect themselves from identity theft. From a comprehensive credit monitoring program to a personal privacy protection plan, Identity Guard can help you find the right service to fit your needs and lifestyle.