SafeConnex Safe Search


With SafeConnex™ Safe Search, your search results will look a little different. We add small icons next to your search results, which help to determine if that location is safe.

Different icons indicate varying levels of trust.

  1. Green Status IconSafe: Very low or no risk issues.
  2. Yellow Status IconCaution: Minor risk issues.
  3. Orange Status IconPotentially Unsafe: Moderate risk issues.
  4. Red Status IconUNSAFE: Serious risk issues.
  5. Gray Status IconUNTESTED: Not yet rated. Use caution.

In order to provide you with the highest level of safety and protection, Safe Search will warn you when attempting to visit an UNSAFE page.

If you click a link which is marked UNSAFE, then the below warning will appear before taking you to the site, to confirm that you trust the site, and would like to continue.


Click Continue to navigate to the site, or Back to return to the search results.

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