Keeping Passwords Safe Is Key To Preventing Identity Theft

We all know that passwords help keep our confidential information safe from online hackers and identity thieves. As criminals become more and more sophisticated …

The Secret To Synthetic Identity Theft

Identity thieves use a variety of tactics to commit id theft undetected, and one of the most common ones is called synthetic identity theft. Synthetic id theft occurs when …

Who Is to Blame for Identity Theft?

Over the past decade more than 1 billion consumer records containing highly sensitive personally identifying information have been exposed to hackers and identity …

New Study Finds That More Than 2 Million Americans Are Victims Of Medical Identity Theft

The Medical Identity Theft Alliance (MITA) recently released the Fifth Annual Study on Medical Identity Theft, conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by ….

16 Criminals Indicted In $10 Million Tax Fraud Scheme

A federal grand jury in Pennsylvania recently indicted 16 people on counts of wire fraud and identity theft. ABC News reported that the individuals are mostly from …

TurboTax Temporarily Suspends All Electronic Filings Amidst Identity Theft Attempts

TurboTax, the largest online tax-software company in the United States, paused all electronic fillings after over 19 states detected attempts to obtain fraudulent refunds.

How To Securely Upgrade Your Mobile Device

If you're planning on buying a new cell phone, tablet or laptop, it's important that you know how to securely wipe the data off your old device to avoid identity theft.

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