How SafeConnex™ Works

Keeping Your Passwords Safe & Secure Doesn't Have to Be a Chore! Use SafeConnex™ to Keep Them Safe and You Connected.

You can do all of your shopping, banking… almost everything online. But with that convenience, comes privacy concerns and danger of your personal information being exposed and stolen.

With SafeConnex™, FREE software from Identity Guard®, you can be confident your information will stay secure. Here's how it works:

  • Securely encryptes and stores all of your passwords — only you have access to them.
  • Saves your information — credit card numbers, expiration dates, security codes, shipping address and more — on your favorie websites giving you the convenience of one click access.
  • Creates a secure wall around your browsing session protecting you from malicious software and keylogging attacks.
  • Safe Search feature rates sites before you click!
SafeConnex Screenshot
  • Secure Browsing
  • Secure One-Click Access to All of Your Online Accounts
  • Access to Free Resources and Premium Services
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