SafeConnex User Guide for iOS


This user guide describes the features and use of SafeConnex™ Mobile for iOS devices. This guide is intended for SafeConnex™ iOS Mobile users.

System Requirements

Supported Technologies


  • iOS:
    • iOS version 5.1 and later
  • Phones:
    • iPhone 3G and later
  • Tablets/Pads
    • iPad 1 and later
  • iPod:
    • iPod Touch

Window/Screen Orientation

The client will support the following orientations:

  • Phone
    • Landscape
    • Portrait
  • Tablet
    • Landscape
    • Portrait

The differences in the windows appearances, based on the Portrait or Landscape modes is minor. Each version has been "optimized" for the available space, the aspect ratio (length to width), appearance, and usability. However, for most windows, the appearance, features, and usage are very similar. Certain phone features may appear on different windows due to space limitations.

Note: Not all application windows are made for use in both Landscape and Portrait modes. Some screens will remain in one mode.


SafeConnex Logins

iPhone 4GS

The available screen space for the phones varies by model. Therefore, the iPhone 5S has a larger screen than the 4Gs shown here. The Apple phone opens to the Logins page.

The "Logins" page will NOT display in landscape mode for the iPhone.


SafeConnex Dashboard on iPad

Apple iPad

Due to the larger screen size of the tablet, more features are available to you, and so the layout more closely resembles that of the desktop version. In the above example, the "Services" and "Credit Cards" features appear in conjunction with the Logins list while, in the phone version, neither are opened until the feature is selected.

Download and Installation

During installation the installer will check for a supported operating system version (iOS v.5.1 or later). To find the version number:
Settings - General - About
The installer/client software is hosted by the Apple App Store for iOS.

Go to the Apple App Store, search for "SafeConnex" and follow the instructions.

Note: For questions regarding the use and usability of the mobile device itself please refer to the instruction manual or manufacturer.


Create Master PIN

Once the software has been downloaded to the mobile device, you will be prompted to create your Master PIN. After creation, the Master PIN must be entered in order to access the SafeConnexTM. The Master PIN is the security feature for you to add and manage your online accounts.

Create Master PIN

The PIN must be entered twice before it is verified and the software activates

After an appropriate PIN has been selected and confirmed, pressing "Create PIN" will activate the software.

After the Master PIN has been successfully created, you will see this, or a similar dialogue box:

Master PIN Created

As a default, the Master PIN will be remembered for 15 minutes from the time the PIN is entered. The "Remember PIN for," feature can be changed in the Options menu of the SafeConnex Mobile software.

After the PIN creation, the iOS mobile product will open to the default Logins window.

SafeConnex Logins

After the Master PIN has been created, if the PIN is entered, incorrectly, four successive times, all stored account information will be purged from the mobile device, and you will need to create a new Master PIN, and to recreate and previously stored accounts.

Important Note: Submitting Incorrect PIN

After the Master PIN is created, if it is then entered incorrectly four times in a row the secure password file will be deleted, and you will be returned to the Create PIN screen. The purged data cannot be recovered, and you will need to create a new Master PIN as well as recreate any stored account information. This security mechanism is designed to protect online accounts from anyone seeking unauthorized access. All SafeConnex Mobile account information is stored on your mobile device. There are no "back doors" in to the mobile device, or any way to unlock or retrieve the data. Only you have access to your PIN and once lost there is no way to retrieve it.

Dashboard Menu Icons

Logins — Search — Services — Credit Cards

After activating the SafeConnex™ application, you will be at the "Logins" page, which is the default "home" page for the version — akin to the "Dashboard" of the desktop version.


SafeConnex Dashboard on iPad


SafeConnex Logins


The iOS products open to the "Add" pages, Tap the "+" icon to begin adding accounts.

You will have three choices:

  • Add a Financial Account
  • Add an Other Account
  • Add Identity Guard

At this point, if you are a subscriber, you can add Identity Guard to the list of stored accounts.

Add Identity Guard

To add Identity Guard, from any compatible mobile device,

  1. Click on "Add Identity Guard," and once the Identity Guard log on page opens,
  2. Enter the log on credentials.
  3. When the green prompt to Save the account appears, click "Yes."

A dialogue box will appear noting that the site has been added, and when you go to the "Login" page, you will see that "Add Identity Guard," has now changed to "My Identity Guard." All you need to do is to touch the "My Identity Guard" name, enter your PIN, and the account will open.

Add Identity Guard

Financial Accounts

After pressing the "Financial" option, you will be taken to the "add your financial accounts" screen.

Add your financial accounts


After selecting the "Financial" option, you can enter the bank name in the Search field or can choose from the small list of commonly used financial businesses. If you choose the bank from the list, you will go directly to that bank logon page - you can also use the search function:

  1. Type the bank name into the Search field, and tap "Search."
  2. Add Financial Account

  3. Select the appropriate account - in this case, "Wells Fargo." The Wells Fargo Mobile Banking page will open on your mobile device. You then simply need to click to "Sign On."
  4. Click Sign On

  5. At this point, you need to enter your log on credentials for the bank -
  6. Wells Fargo Login

    After the credentials are submitted, the bank account will open, and you will be prompted to -

  7. Add the account to the secure logins list -
  8. Add account

  9. If you click, "OK," you will be prompted to enter your secure PIN –
  10. Enter Master PIN

After the PIN is validated, you will receive a notice that your account has been set up.

Set Up Successful

After the secured account has been created, it will appear in the list of accounts on your home, "logins" page. Next, press the bank name in the list, and after entering your Master PIN, the bank account will open.


Other Accounts

An "Other" account is a non-banking/financial account – a store card such as Macy’s, an online shopping account, an email account, or a social networking account like Facebook. Adding these accounts is easy:

  1. Click "Other" on the mobile device logins page.
  2. iPad - Add Other
    iPad in Landscape Mode

    Clicking "Other" will take you to the "Add your accounts" page, where you can use the search engine to browse to the account log on page, or can add from the short list of popular sites on the page. In either case, you need to go to the log on page of the desired site. For this example, we’ll use Facebook.

  3. From the Add Your Accounts page, add from the short list, or Search.
  4. Search or Tap


    Either will take you to the login page for the site.

  5. Log into the account as normal.
  6. Log in to Facebook

  7. When prompted, choose to Save the account.
  8. Save Account

After choosing "OK," you will be prompted to enter their Master PIN to secure the account -

Enter Master PIN

And the account is stored.

Account successfully set up

After this, you can go to your home "logins" page, and click to open your stored account.

Note: Accounts stored on an iOS mobile device will appear as either a "Financial," or an "Other" account.

iPhone Financial List

iPhone Financial List iPad has separate lists in the same view

iPad Account List

iPad has separate lists in the same view

Account Management

Once an account has been created, you have options to help you manage it with SafeConnex.

iOS Functions - these functions are the same for iPhone and iPad

  • Delete
  • Update Login
  • Edit Login Name

To access the Account Management functions on an iOS mobile device, press the right arrow button for the account, and the management options will be displayed.

Account Edit Account Edit Options

Note: For My Identity Guard - "Delete," is not an option. This account is part of the SafeConnex software, and cannot be removed.

To remove the account completely, tap to "Delete" it. You will be asked to verify that you wish to delete the account, and if you answer "yes," the account will be permanently deleted. It cannot be recovered, but can be added again through the normal add account processes.

Update Login
This serves the function of *edit* for the online accounts. Choosing this opens the account log in page. If you log in from this location, your log in is, again, recorded and stored in the accounts list.

Wells Fargo Login

Note: The Update Login option serves the same purpose as deleting and re-creating the account. When banks change their log in procedures or log in page, the stored account must be removed and recreated, or edited so that an updated copy of the account credentials AND page information are stored in the SafeConnex software.

Edit Login Name

This option serves two functions:

    • Display/Hide the logon credentials, and
    • Edit the displayed name of the account.

After clicking to "Edit Login Name," you will be prompted for your Master PIN. After entering the PIN, you will see this window:

Show Credentials

If you switch the "Show Credentials" button to the right - the option will turn green, and the User Name and Password will be displayed. Switching the button to the left will, again, hide the credentials.

Tapping the name of the account will enable you to edit the account name, and a keyboard will be displayed for that purpose.

Show Credentials - on

Tap the account name to edit it / Switch the button to the right to Show Credentials (in this case, the keyboard is covering the credentials - click "Done" to remove the keyboard and see the credentials)

Safe Search

"Safe Search" adds the power of the SafeConnex™ search so that your search results page is checked for authenticity to ensure the websites displayed are safe to open. The search is done using a combination of the Yahoo search engine through InfoSpace. In the following example, we have entered "screen saver" as the search criteria. The return shows a checkmark meaning that we have authenticated the links as being valid, and safe for the user to open.

Safe Search Results

  • The "i" icon shows the "InfoSpace" return for purchasing related products.
  • The "x" icon reflects the danger of adware or malware in the search.
  • The green checkmark icon reflects links which the search engine deems as safe to open.


SafeConnex Dashboard on iPad


The "Services" section of the SafeConnex software gives you the option to learn more about and subscribe to Identity Guard and other services.

The "Services" briefcase icon is available for the iPhone; however, for the iPad, to view the Services, please tap on the Home icon to return to the Logins page, where the Services are always available on the right side of the window.

Credit Cards

Adding a Credit Card

The Credit Card entry template is very similar for iOS phone and tablet versions. For each version, begin by tapping the Credit Card icon, or the Credit Card "+" icon to view the credit card entry form. If no cards have been stored in the device, the device will either note, "No Cards For any device, simply tap the "+" icon to access the entry form.

Credit Cards

For iPad, and iPhone - the entry template must be scrolled down in order to view and completely fill out the entire form.

Add a card

Once the credit card template is present, fill it out completely - each field must have an entry, including the Card Description. The "Card Type," is selected from a drop-down menu -

Fill out completely Select Card Type

For the credit card and CSV numbers, use the numeric entry pad provided when the entry field is touched.

Enter CSV numbers

For expiration dates, the iOS version uses the familiar Apple iOS tumbler display.

Credit Card Expiration Date

iPhone 4GS

Once added, the card will appear in the credit card list, simply press the "+" Credit Cards button to add any additional banking cards.

Stored Card

Note – Only banking/financial cards can be added to this list. No single-store shopping cards, such as a gas card, department store card, etc. can be added.

iPad - Credit Card


iPhone - Credit Card


The credit card functionality for SafeConnex Mobile is similar to the Desktop version:

  • Credit Card information can be entered into the SafeConnex software, after which it is securely stored in the device, protected by your Master PIN;
  • When using the SafeConnex mobile app, you will not be prompted to choose a credit card when you reach a web page which has a credit card selection/payment field. You must select a credit card to use, at the payment page.
  • Once on the payment page, you can copy and paste credit card and address information stored in your SafeConnex app by tapping on the credit card icon,
    Credit Card icon

    then by selecting the card you want to use. Then tap the software field first (executing the “copy” function)

    copy credit card

    and then tap the corresponding field on the webpage (executing the “paste” function).

    paste credit card

    For example, tap the “Street” field within the SafeConnex application first, then tap the “Street” field on the web page to transfer the data from the SafeConnex app to the webpage.

"Overflow" Menu Items

For the iOS products, there are two additional menu item icons - a dual arrow, for mobile synchronization (Sync), and a globe denoting "Safe Search." The dual arrow is synonymous with the Mobile Synchronization feature across all SafeConnex™ platforms and devices, including the Desktop version.

Search and Sync

iPhone Overflow Menu

iPad Overflow Menu



The sprocket icon denotes "Options" -this is where the Master PIN settings reside.
In addition to the PIN features, all of the Help and Informational selections are included here as well.

Change PIN

The following instructions apply to all Mobile products.

  1. Touch  "Master PIN," and enter the current PIN.
  2. iPhone Options Panel

  3. Enter the New PIN, and then confirm the New PIN.
  4. Change PIN

  5. Touch to "Save," or "Change", the PIN.
  6. Save Changed PIN

Note: PIN Change – Changing the PIN, affects only the device being used at that time. Additionally, any backups of the desktop version of SafeConnex created with a different PIN, are still secured by that PIN. If restoring a saved backup of the secured accounts, OR if synchronizing accounts between the desktop version or another mobile device, when prompted for that device PIN, you MUST enter the correct PIN in order for the synchronization or restore process to work.

Synchronization (Sync)

The synchronization function allows the SafeConnex™ installations to share the stored account and credit card information between them. This communication is:

  • Bi-directional - The joined devices will share the missing information so that, once completed, the account and credit card lists are identical.
  • Cross-Platform Compatible - The synchronization can take place -
    • Desktop to Desktop
    • Desktop to iOS - and vice versa
  • Wi-Fi only – iTunes sync is not supported, and will not work on current versions.

Note: The following should be taken into consideration:

  1. The desktop device, if one is used, should be the "master" device.
  2. "Chain" Synchronization is not compatible. Successful sync can only take place between 2 devices at any time.
  3. The devices MUST be on the same wireless network.
  4. Only ONE device can be set to "find" mode. If both devices are set to "find" the other device, neither will be found.


The desktop version of SafeConnex allows you to “Backup” and “Restore” data stored in the application on a backup file which is secured by your Master PIN. The file can then be stored on a USB device, or even e-mailed to you for safe keeping. While backup and restore options are not available on iOS devices, if you have SafeConnex on a desktop computer, you can use the desktop as a backup for your iOS device through the synchronization procedure.

Synchronization Instructions

The sync feature is very straightforward, with these simple caveats:

  1. The devices MUST be on the same Wi-Fi network. IF one device does not see another, it has nothing to do with the SafeConnex software.
  2. Only one device can be set to "Find." The other must be left as "Discoverable."
  3. Consider one device, usually the Desktop device, as the "Master." Keep it up-to-date with the latest account and card lists.

After ensuring that the devices are on the save network, and are seen on the network:

  1. Find and select "Sync." Remember - for Android Devices the Sync feature is in the "Overflow" menu.
  2. iPad Overflow Menu options-sync

  3. Follow the onscreen instructions, and proceed to #2.
  4. Sync Step 2

  5. Click the Sync icon for the mobile device you wish to connect to, and switch the button to "green," indicating that the device is now "discoverable" by other devices on the same Wi-Fi network.
  6. Sync indicator

    NOTE: Because your device is now discoverable to other devices on the same network, you should NOT perform the sync operation on a public network. Both of the synchronizing devices are protected by the PIN, but it is never a good idea to send personal information, especially financial information, over a public network.

  7. Do NOT select "Find device or PC to sync with," UNLESS this is the master device, and you have another device which is "discoverable." By selecting, "Find device,…" you are putting the device into search mode, and it can no longer be seen on the network. If you are trying to synchronize two devices, and both are set to "Find device" then neither will be seen. For this example, the desktop PC is the master device, and we will use it to "Find," leaving the mobile device as discoverable.
  8. Click "Find" on the Master device Sync screen.
  9. Sync step 3

    Sync searching

  10. The "Master," will list any devices it sees, on the network, which are discoverable by the SafeConnex™ software. If multiple devices are listed, and you are on a public network, wait and sync at a later time. If you trust the network, then select the device you wish to synchronize with. Highlight the device name, and then select, "Continue."
  11. Sync Accounts

  12. Enter the PIN number of the device you have selected to synchronize with.
  13. Sync enter PIN

The connection, or "handshake," will take place…

Sync Connection

And once the connection is made, the synchronization will begin.

After the sync is complete, each device will list a summary of the account synchronization.

Sync list

Sync results

After the Sync process all accounts and credit cards are now available from both SafeConnex™ locations

NOTE: The synchronization feature does NOT allow for individual or groups of accounts to be transferred. The feature makes every attempt to duplicate the account and credit card lists exactly as they appear between the devices. Therefore, if one device has 4 credit cards and 1 stored account, and the other device has 2 credit cards, and 15 stored accounts - after the synchronization, each device should have 6 credit cards and 16 stored accounts. There currently is NOT a synchronization or transfer mode which will allow for customized or selectable account or card transfers between devices.


Help icon

Help menu

"Help" for iOS is included in the "Options" tab

The Help items are:

  1. License Agreement - Intersections, Inc. Software License Agreement
  2. Privacy Policy - Intersections, Inc. Privacy Policy
  3. Terms Of Use
  4. Contact Us - Link to
  5. Support - Link to FAQs at
  6. User Guide - Link to online Users Guide at
  7. About - Link to
  8. Opt Out - Automatic "Opt Out" removes your device from receiving personalized advertisements . If you install multiple copies of SafeConnex, you must opt-out separately for each copy.  After your opt-out is processed, SafeConnex will continue to display ads to you, but third party ads will not be personalized based on how you use SafeConnex."
  9. Version - Lists the installed version of the SafeConnex™ software
  10. Rate SafeConnex - Opens Google Play Store rating template


See the FAQs