Security Meets Convenience with SafeConnex’s Single Sign On

With cases of identity theft and data braches becoming unfortunately more common, it has also become increasingly important for online consumers and web users to begin taking identity protection measures into their own hands. When you own a variety of internet accounts - ranging from social media to email to online banking - you're leaving a lot of potential exposure points that hackers would love to capitalize on to steal your personal information.

With an online password manager like SafeConnex, though, consumers can better safeguard their sensitive data by keeping the keys to their accounts out of unwanted hands. Crafting unique and custom passphrases that utilize hard-to-crack strings of letters, numbers and symbols can go a long way in ensuring that the only one with access to your online accounts is you, but unfortunately they can't do everything. But SafeConnex's password storage capabilities can help give your web security the boost it needs to better deter hackers and identity thieves.

The SafeConnex password vault keeps all of your various password stored in one convenient location, right onto your hard drive, making reference (in case you ever forget one of them) easy - not to mention safer than writing them down on slips of paper.

Thanks to its secure login properties, SafeConnex also provides single sign on convenience, ensuring that you can safely browse the web and access any of your accounts without having to repeatedly enter your different usernames and passwords over and over again. Because this information is already stored within SafeConnex, it can be automatically entered into each account with just a single click of a mouse - saving you time from these otherwise tedious tasks, while reinforcing the utmost cyber security and identity protection in the process.