Product Highlights

  • Continuous Monitoring with alerts

    We can alert your mobile device to a variety of events that may impact you — and do so with information from numerous sources. For you, that means fast, comprehensive alerts from your identity theft protection service that can help you mitigate potential threats.

  • Proactive Alerts using IBM® Watson™

    Don't wait until after the fact. Let Identity Guard® scan millions of news articles, blogs, and posts on your behalf to warn you of potential, emerging threats such as data breaches, software vulnerabilities, and dangerous online habits. Stay as secure as possible even if you have not experienced identity theft yet.

  • Best-In-Class 100% US-based customer support

    With Identity Guard®, you are supported by real people who care about your identity. Our U.S.-based security experts receive regular training and are prepared to handle many cases, from the mundane to the challenging. These committed experts can make all the difference in identity theft protection.

  • Comprehensive monitoring of more data sources

    We comb through the internet and a vast array of digital resources in pursuit of potential risks to your identity. Identity Guard® searches the dark web, public records, credit files, and hundreds of thousands of news sources—twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We're on the lookout, far and wide, for the risks that could potentially threaten your identity.

  • Dedicated case manager

    If you experience identity theft, we assign a committed security expert to your case. By becoming knowledgeable about the details of your case, this specialist provides personalized service while resolving the situation. Once your case is resolved, he or she continues to monitor your accounts for sixty days to be sure the problem is solved.

  • Stolen Funds insurance policy*

    A stolen identity isn't limited to intrusion and theft: it can also include a myriad of expenses. But Identity Guard® helps with that as well. Regardless of which plan you select, our identity theft protection provides $1 million of insurance coverage for your losses. This coverage includes stolen funds and expenses to restore your identity.

Our Security Wins Awards Year After Year

Online Trust Alliance, Online Trust Honor Roll 2012 through 2017
  • From the Company With
  • 21 Years
  • 47 Million Customers Protected

Your Identity Is More Than Your Credit Data

Not all potentially identity-damaging experiences are financial. Your online image can affect job offers and college admissions — even if it’s content you didn’t post and may not be aware of.

Identity Guard® uses IBM® Watson™ to monitor your social image. Specially designed controls enable you to assess your online image, target content you do not want to be visible, and easily make deletions to keep your online image healthy.

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