Identity protection made for business

Identity Guard® provides the tools you need to help prepare for a breach event, respond to a data breach, or help protect employees from the damaging effects of identity theft


Having a well-composed and tested Data Breach Readiness plan is invaluable — in fact, studies show that having an incident response team can lower the costs of a data breach by as much as $19 per compromised record1.


Has your organization been breached? React quickly and efficiently to help restore trust and confidence in your organization.


Can a single benefit help protect both your employees and your organization? Identity theft protection is more than just identity monitoring for your employees.

Identity Theft Is Changing; We Are Too

Innovation is a vital part of our business and is essential in protecting organizations from constantly evolving fraud threats. That’s why Identity Guard® has partnered with one of the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence technologies, IBM® Watson™, to create advanced protection that goes beyond traditional identity theft protection services.