About Identity Guard®

Nearly two decades ago, Intersections Inc. (NASDAQ:INTX), one of the most reliable companies for identity theft protection solutions, created Identity Guard® to offer consumers the same kind of trusted expertise and protection it had previously only made available to them as customers of major financial institutions. We’ve come a long way since starting out as a provider of basic credit reports‚ credit scores‚ and credit monitoring. As the threat of identity theft has grown — and our customer needs have changed — we’ve stayed ahead of the curve. Today‚ our innovative‚ incomparable solutions go beyond just the basics. We also help protect your financial information‚ public records and personal data‚ PC, and much more.

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Why choose Identity Guard®?

Our solutions are built around you and your needs. No matter who you are‚ where you’re from‚ or how you live your life — from traveling the world to shopping and socializing online — Identity Guard helps to keep you safe from criminal activity and its negative effects. So whether you’re looking for comprehensive protection that includes your public records‚ credit files‚ monitoring and alerts‚ PC, and online protection and more‚ or if you simply need core protection with basic access to your credit reports and scores — we’ve got you covered.

The help you need is right here‚ when you need it.

As an Identity Guard member‚ if you ever become an identity theft victim‚ our recovery experts will be ready to help you cancel your credit cards‚ file a police report‚ reclaim your good name‚ and give you the friendly‚ knowledgeable‚ reassuring assistance you need to get your life back on track.

Investors & Partners

We look forward to working with you. Every day‚ Intersections Inc. (NASDAQ: INTX)‚ is fulfilling our promise of protection and preparing for new threats and shared opportunities to help others tomorrow.

As a leading provider of consumer and corporate identity risk management services‚ we offer premier identity theft‚ privacy and consumer solutions‚ designed to provide high-value opportunities to our marketing partners‚ including leading financial institutions‚ Fortune 100 corporations‚ and other businesses. We are one of the most respected companies for identity theft protection.

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