The Basics of Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America.

When your identity is compromised, thieves can use that information to gain access to your personal and financial information. Your personal and financial reputation can be harmed by an impostor using your personal information.

Types of identity theft you need to know

  • Credit fraud - when someone uses your personal information to access credit in your name. This can take the form of a credit card, loan, or financing. Credit fraud could destroy the reputations that you have built with lenders, but there are ways to identify this crime before it causes major damage.
  • Identity fraud – When someone gains access to your personal information without your knowledge and assumes your identity, attempting to use your financial resources or other benefits in your name.

Common ways thieves commit identity theft

No matter how careful you think you are about protecting your accounts and keeping your credit card out of harm’s way. Here are a few ways thieve gain access to your information

  • Mail theft – targeting your mailbox to find paperwork that may contain sensitive personal information
  • Dumpster diving – many thieves will dig though trash for pre-filled credit card applications or other documents with account or credit card numbers on them
  • Phishing – Hackers access files on your computer from an unsecured Wi-Fi or other malware attempts
  • Data breaches - Many of these events result in people getting their identities stolen from the information that was exposed during the breach.

Best identity theft protection services

When you're looking to find the best identity theft protection‚ look for a service that can not only help protect you, but will work with you to take positive steps towards boosting your security. That’s where Identity Guard can help. With our variety of products, we specialize in helping people help protect themselves from identity theft. From a comprehensive credit monitoring program to a personal privacy protection plan, Identity Guard can help you find the right service to fit your needs and lifestyle.