The Best Identity Theft Protection for Seniors: 7 Options

September 13, 2023


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    What Is the Best Identity Theft Protection for Seniors?

    Fraud and identity theft present problems for everyone — but people over the age of 65 encounter fraudulent activity at startling rates. 

    According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) [*]:

    Losses from elder financial exploitation (EFE) and identity theft are anywhere from $2.9 to $36.5 billion per year. 

    Whether you're looking at identity theft protection plans for yourself or for a senior loved one, you need to know the options that are available to you. 

    In this guide, we explore the biggest threats facing seniors and the most useful protection measures that can shield against those threats. We also compare the top identity theft protection companies and premium plans in 2023 to help you find the most suitable provider for you and your family. 

    Is Identity Theft Protection Even Worth It for Seniors?

    At a minimum, identity theft monitoring services track your sensitive personal and financial information and alert you to signs of fraud — for example, if scammers are using your Social Security number (SSN) to take out loans in your name, or if your passwords were compromised in a recent data breach.

    Many providers also include digital security tools that can proactively protect you against hackers, data breaches, and common scams — and also provide support and insurance in case you become a victim of identity theft.  

    While these tools are important for everyone, they’re especially useful for senior citizens who may be prime targets due to their large retirement accounts, higher susceptibility to phone and technology scams, and lower likelihood of regularly monitoring their credit and other accounts.  

    Here are some of the most important features to look for in an identity theft protection service for seniors: 

    • Bank account and asset protection (401k, retirement accounts, etc.). With larger savings or investments, seniors can benefit from account monitoring and transaction alerts. 
    • Three-bureau credit monitoring and fraud notifications. Seniors are less likely to regularly apply for credit and therefore may miss the warning signs of fraud. Look for credit monitoring services that track your credit across all three bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion). 
    • Device and network protection against hackers. Scammers target seniors, who often tend to be less tech-savvy — and assail them with malware, viruses, and remote access scams. Look for services that provide comprehensive device protection, including antivirus software, Safe Browsing tools, a virtual private network (VPN), and email aliases.
    • Home title, SSN, and other sensitive data monitoring. Generally, seniors have more equity in their homes. This makes them vulnerable targets to scammers who are adept at manipulating property titles and personal information. Combat fraudsters with features such as home title protection and Social Security number (SSN), change of address, and Dark Web monitoring. 
    • Identity theft insurance to cover losses from fraud and scams. If you become a victim of identity theft, you’ll want insurance protection that covers lost wages, public records searches, and legal fees.
    • 24/7 access to Fraud Resolution Specialists. The identity restoration process can be lengthy and difficult to navigate. Look for services that offer customer support specialists who are well versed in identity recovery and dealing with credit reporting agencies, law enforcement, and financial institutions. 
    • Simple pricing plans. Identity theft protection is complex enough without hidden fees, loopholes, or significant pricing jumps after the first year. Settle on a service that offers transparent pricing which is laid out in plain language.

    Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether or not identity theft protection is worth the cost. 

    But it’s important to know that you can find savings in packages. For example, Identity Guard’s family plans cover up to five adults across different households — meaning families can protect adult children or elderly family members all on the same plan

    🏆 Save on award-winning identity theft protection. Identity Guard was rated 5-stars by Forbes Advisor for its powerful identity theft and fraud protection. Save 33% on Identity Guard and give yourself peace of mind.

    The 7 Best Identity Theft Protection Services for Seniors in 2023

    1. Identity Guard
    2. Aura
    3. LifeLock by Norton
    4. IdentityForce by TransUnion
    5. Experian IdentityWorks
    6. IDShield
    7. IDWatchdog by Equifax

    It’s almost impossible to prevent identity theft completely. But by implementing the right tools and habits, you can make yourself a less-desirable target. 

    Here are our top picks for the best ID theft protection providers for seniors:

    1. Identity Guard: Trusted safety for seniors and families 

    Over the past 25 years, Identity Guard has served nearly 50 million customers and resolved over 140 thousand fraud cases [*]. 

    Identity Guard offers flexible family and individual plans with support for seniors. Every plan includes extensive account and credit monitoring along with digital security tools, comprehensive customer service, and identity theft insurance. 

    Identity Guard was one of the first companies to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to help identify threats. If Identity Guard spots irregular activity in your name, you’ll receive fraud alerts in near-real time to help you shut down scammers.

    Identity Guard Pros
    Identity Guard Cons
    Award-winning identity theft protection and identity monitoring (SSN, driver’s license, etc.).
    No free trial — but a 60-day money-back guarantee is included with all annual plans.
    Three-bureau credit monitoring with near real-time fraud alerts.
    Limited features on the budget-focused Value plan (no credit monitoring or bank account monitoring, etc.).
    Bank account monitoring (including investment and 401k accounts) is provided on Ultra plans.
    Provides fewer digital security tools than competitors (no VPN or antivirus).
    White Glove Fraud Resolution Specialists to help answer questions or support you in dealing with fraud and identity theft.
    Easy-to-use mobile app — but with limited details.
    Why Identity Guard is a top identity theft protection service for seniors:
    • Trusted brand name with strong reviews. Identity Guard has protected tens of millions of Americans against all types of identity theft and fraud. The company currently has a 4.4-star rating on TrustPilot from almost 4,500 customers [*]. 
    • Three-bureau credit monitoring with one-click credit lock. Track your credit file with all three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion). Receive monthly credit scores and identity theft alerts, along with the ability to lock your credit file with one click.      
    • Suspicious transaction alerts on your bank, credit, and investment accounts. Add up to 40 credit and debit cards and five financial accounts to your watchlist. Get notified the moment any high-risk transactions touch these accounts [*]. 
    • $1 million insurance coverage for every adult member. Includes reimbursements of $2,000 in elder care, $2,000 per week in lost wages, $1,000 in travel expenses, and a $0 deductible. 
    Identity Guard plans and pricing:

    Identity Guard offers three tiers of protection depending on your needs, with the most basic plan only covering identity theft protection (no credit monitoring). This means you have flexibility to balance your needs within your budget. 

    Here are Identity Guard’s pricing and plans as of September 2023:

    • Identity Guard Value (identity monitoring and protection): $6.67/month for individuals or $10/month for families.
    • Identity Guard Total (includes three-bureau credit monitoring): $13.33/month for individuals or $19.99 for families.
    • Identity Guard Ultra (premium credit and identity protection): $19.99/month for individuals or $26.67/month for families.

    Note: Identity Guard’s family plans cover up to five adults (in multiple households) and unlimited children under the age of 18. 

    Who should choose Identity Guard?

    Choose Identity Guard if you want comprehensive identity theft, asset, and data coverage with flexible options — including one of the most affordable value plans available. Use this link to save up to 33% on Identity Guard today.

    2. Aura: The most comprehensive protection on the market

    Aura is one of the few truly all-in-one protection options available for seniors, families, and individuals. Aura combines powerful identity theft protection with three-bureau credit monitoring and the industry’s fastest fraud alerts (up to 250x faster than other services [*]). 

    Aura also provides some of the best customer support, with 24/7/365 access to its dedicated team of U.S.-based White Glove Fraud Resolution Specialists.

    Despite being a relative newcomer to the field, Aura stacks up very well against the competition and has been rated #1 by, US, Tech Radar,, and more.

    Aura Pros
    Aura Cons
    Award-winning identity protection including Dark Web monitoring of personal information and documents.
    All-in-one plans may provide more coverage than some users need.
    Extensive credit and financial account monitoring covering all three major bureaus, as well as retirement and investment accounts.
    Features may be restricted on certain browsers and devices.
    24/7 U.S.-based customer support including access to White Glove Fraud Resolution teams.
    No plans offer only basic coverage and limited features.
    14-day free trial and a 60-day money-back guarantee.
    Prices are higher than some competitors when discounts are not utilized.
    Why Aura is a top identity theft protection service for seniors:
    • AI-powered identity theft protection. Monitors your information and accounts across billions of data points using artificial intelligence. Regularly scans the Dark Web, court records, and sex offender lists for misuse of your identity. Aura’s AI Call Assistant filters out spam, as well as scam calls and texts [*]. 
    • All-in-one solution with comprehensive digital security. Aura safeguards senior internet users and keeps hackers and malware at bay with a secure password manager, virtual private network (VPN), and robust antivirus software.
    • Fastest fraud alerts. Effectively responding to fraudulent activities requires near-immediate reactions. A 2022 study found that Aura detected suspicious activity and delivered fraud alerts up to 250x faster than its competitors [*].
    Aura plans and pricing:

    Aura’s pricing plans are the most straightforward of any identity theft protection service available for seniors. Simply choose how many people you want to protect, and you’ll have access to essentially all of the same features. 

    Here are Aura’s plans and pricing as of September 2023: 

    • Individual Plan: $12/month.
    • Couple Plan (full coverage for two adults): $22/month.
    • Family Plan (covers up to five adults and unlimited children — can reside in different households): $32 month.

    Note: Aura’s family plan also includes family-specific safety features, such as child identity theft protection, parental controls, and up to $5 million in identity theft insurance coverage. You can get up to 75% off of Aura when you use this special discount link

    Who should choose Aura?

    Seniors and families who want convenient, all-in-one protection from multiple threats should choose Aura for its well-rounded suite of features that defend against identity theft, fraud, and other types of cybercrime.

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    3. LifeLock by Norton: One of the most reliable names in security

    LifeLock (now owned by the same company that owns Norton) offers customizable protection with a digital security option. While LifeLock used to offer a plan specifically designed for seniors, it was recently discontinued.

    The basic plans may not provide complete protection, but LifeLock's top package offers quality monitoring and insurance coverage.

    Unfortunately, LifeLock’s plans can get expensive quickly. If you want digital security tools and three-bureau credit monitoring, you’ll have to opt for its most expensive plans. 

    Buyer beware: LifeLock offers deep discounts in your first year as a customer, but prices increase by 40% or more in your second year. If you decide to go with LifeLock, make sure to read the fine print on the company’s pricing page before choosing a plan.

    LifeLock Pros
    LifeLock Cons
    30-day free trial and 60-day money-back guarantee.
    Significant price increases after the first year of service.
    Norton 360 antivirus software is available as a bundle.
    Limited coverage in basic plans (includes credit monitoring and identity alerts).
    Recognized and reputable name in the industry.
    A recent security breach may put doubts in users’ minds.
    Why LifeLock is a top identity theft protection service for seniors:
    • Lock your credit file quickly and easily. LifeLock offers single-click TransUnion credit and payday loan locks. You also receive notifications if someone applies for credit or loans in your name. 
    • Extensive insurance coverage. LifeLock's Ultimate Plus plan provides at least $1 million in coverage for each plan member to reimburse lawyer fees. However, stolen funds and personal expense coverage varies based on which plan you choose. For example, the Select plan only includes up to $25,000 in stolen fund insurance.
    • Varied account and document alerts. LifeLock sends you numerous activity alerts regarding your credit and identity — including buy-now-pay-later transactions, crimes committed in your name, investment account activity, and SSN alerts. 
    LifeLock plans and pricing:

    Unlike Identity Guard and Aura, LifeLock’s pricing plans can be convoluted and misleading. 

    You have the option of selecting just LifeLock (identity theft protection), LifeLock with Norton 360 (includes digital security tools), and individual or family plans. LifeLock also offers first-year discount pricing that increases significantly after year one. 

    Here are LifeLock with Norton 360’s pricing plans as of September 2023: 

    • LifeLock Select plan: $14.99/month for individuals or $38.99/month for families.
    • LifeLock Advantage plan: $24.99/month for individuals or $59.99/month for families.
    • LifeLock Ultimate Plus plan: $34.99/month for individuals or $81.99/month for families.

    Note: You can save up to 40% on your first year with LifeLock by purchasing an annual plan.

    Who should choose LifeLock?

    While LifeLock provides identity protection comparable to Identity Guard (and more advanced digital security tools), the dizzying number of customization options and recent data breaches may make some users uneasy. Most seniors are better off looking at one of the top LifeLock alternatives.

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    4. IdentityForce by TransUnion: Trustworthy credit monitoring and reporting

    IdentityForce by TransUnion blends a lengthy history in identity theft protection with the credit expertise of TransUnion — one of the three major credit bureaus. The service includes advanced fraud and credit monitoring, plus comprehensive credit tracking.

    IdentityForce Pros
    IdentityForce Cons
    Smart device protection including anti-phishing and anti-keylogging software.
    Expensive plans compared to competitors.
    24/7 recovery service support with 100% of calls answered in the United States.
    Credit monitoring is only available on the most expensive plan.
    $1 million identity theft insurance included on all plans.
    Difficult to cancel membership and no money-back guarantee.
    Why IdentityForce is a top identity theft protection service for seniors:
    • Substantial account and identity monitoring. You get fraud, change of address, court record, and social media monitoring under the UltraSecure+Credit plan.  
    • Involved credit tracking. Three-bureau credit monitoring, credit score tracking, and credit score simulators are included with premium plans.
    • Medical ID protection. Top plans help you track your medical accounts by walking you through the benefits statement review process.   
    IdentityForce plans and pricing:

    Identity Force offers two subscription tiers, depending on whether or not you want credit monitoring. 

    Here are Identity Force’s plans and pricing as of September 2023:

    • UltraSecure costs $17.95 per month per member, and includes a variety of monitoring services for fraud, unexpected changes of address, Dark Web data breaches, and more. 
    • UltraSecure+Credit costs $23.95 per month per member and adds a secure VPN, along with social media monitoring, investment account alerts, and credit freeze capabilities. Only UltraSecure+Credit members have access to credit monitoring from all three bureaus.
    Who should choose IdentityForce?

    IdentityForce features strong credit monitoring and reporting, but its basic plans lack coverage and features, and cost more than some competitors. 

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    5. Experian IdentityWorks: Keeping you in touch with your credit

    Experian brings over 125 years of credit experience to its IdentityWorks service. Experian IdentityWorks gives users credit file control with score tracking, monitoring, and locks.

    Experian IdentityWorks Pros
    Experian IdentityWorks Cons
    360-degree monitoring including Dark Web, three-bureau credit, and non-credit loan alerts.
    Limited support — no help feature on the app and no 24/7 support.
    Free basic plan includes FICO® score tracking and a personal privacy scan.
    Only a 7-day free trial before automatic billing starts on premium plans.
    Simple plan breakdowns (Basic/free, Premium, family).
    Obtrusive ads for personal loans and credit cards on the app.
    Why Experian IdentityWorks is a top identity theft protection service for seniors:
    • FICO® score alerts. Stay up to date with your credit score by getting daily updates. You also have access to a score simulator and planner to improve your credit decisions. 
    • Monthly privacy scans. Scans “people finder” sites monthly, requesting the removal of any of your personal information if it’s found. 
    • One-click Experian credit lock. Receive credit alerts for suspicious activity and lock your credit with Experian until you get a handle on the situation. 
    Experian IdentityWorks plans and pricing:

    Anyone can sign up for Experian IdentityWorks’ free Basic plan and view their credit score. However, Experian keeps most of its valuable identity theft protection features behind its Premium plan, available for individuals and families at different price points.

    Here are IdentityWorks’ plans and pricing as of September 2023:

    • IdentityWorks Basic (Experian credit monitoring only): free. 
    • IdentityWorks Premium (individual): $24.99 per month.
    • IdentityWorks Premium (family): $34.99 per month.
    Who should choose Experian IdentityWorks?

    Experian IdentityWorks helps users manage their credit files and scores; but persistent ads and lack of support might push some people away. 

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    6.  IDShield: Online account and privacy management 

    IDShield grew from LegalShield, a network of accessible law services. The IDShield service prioritizes identity protection and privacy, helping people manage their online information to better prevent identity theft.

    IDShield Pros
    IDShield Cons
    Basic app with an easy-to-use interface and terminology.
    No annual discounts — only monthly plans.
    Device and identity protection included on all plans.
    Restrictive credit review that requires you to access your own reports.
    Simple pricing plans (one- or three-bureau credit monitoring, and individual or family plan).
    Limited coverage on family plans that only includes two adults from the same household.
    Why IDShield is a top identity theft protection service for seniors:
    • Private investigators. If you experience identity fraud, IDShield assigns a private investigator to your case. The investigator will work toward a solution, even running SSN Skip Trace searches. 
    • Online privacy and account reviews. IDShield helps you review and reduce your digital footprint on social media accounts, data broker lists, and on over 20 websites. 
    • Medical data reports. Monitors your medical ID numbers and sends you medical data reports for review. 
    IDShield plans and pricing:

    IDShield offers four subscription plans with different levels of credit monitoring and protection. 

    Here are IDShield’s plans and pricing as of September 2023:

    • Individual (one credit bureau monitoring — only TransUnion): $14.95/month.
    • Individual (three-bureau monitoring): $19.95/month.
    • Family (one credit bureau monitoring — only TransUnion): $29.95/month.
    • Family (three-bureau monitoring): $34.95/month.

    There is no free trial or money-back guarantee advertised on IDShield’s website. There also doesn’t appear to be a simple, automatic way to cancel your membership. 

    Who should choose IDShield?

    IDShield offers top-notch control of your online accounts and information, but its limited family coverage and credit review process might be a drawback for some customers.

    7. IDWatchdog by Equifax: Protection for retirement and investment accounts

    Benefitting from the Equifax ownership, IDWatchdog provides high-quality credit monitoring and management on its premium plans. IDWatchdog monitors a lender network and provides users with extensive identity resolution support.

    ID Watchdog Pros
    ID Watchdog Cons
    Quick and easy credit locks (included on premium plans).
    Limited control and monitoring on the basic plan.
    Alerts from national providers — including healthcare providers.
    Family plans only cover people in the same household.
    Credit locks available though Equifax only.
    Data insecurity concerns, as Equifax has suffered breaches in the past.
    Why IDWatchdog by Equifax is a top identity theft protection service for seniors:
    • Subprime loan monitoring. Monitors lenders outside the banking system for subprime loans, payday loans, and rent-to-own applications in your name.  
    • Powerful insurance policy. All plans include an industry-standard $1 million in identity theft protection, while the Premium plan also insures up to $1 million in losses from employer-sponsored retirement and health savings accounts. 
    • Dedicated identity resolution management. IDWatchdog assigns an identity resolution specialist to your case to manage the entire process from start to finish. 
    IDWatchdog by Equifax plans and pricing:

    ID Watchdog offers two tiers of plans — Select and Premium — with the option to add family protection (two adults and four children). 

    The Select plan only includes one-bureau credit monitoring with limited identity theft monitoring (data breach notifications, public records, USPS change of address monitoring), credit lock, and a password manager. 

    Here are ID Watchdog’s pricing and plans as of September 2023:

    • ID Watchdog Select: $14.95/month (individual) or $23/95/month (family).
    • ID Watchdog Premium: $21.95/month (individual) or $34.95/month (family).
    Who should choose IDWatchdog by Equifax?

    IDWatchdog's insurance coverage of retirement and health-savings accounts makes it appealing for seniors, but Equifax's significant data breach in 2017 may cause some to avoid the service [*].

    🥇 Don’t settle for second-best identity theft protection. Identity Guard combines award-winning identity theft protection with three-bureau credit monitoring, digital security tools, and $1 million in insurance coverage. Save 33% on Identity Guard when you sign up today.

    The Best Identity Theft Protection For Seniors, Compared

    Best for
    Identity Guard
    Comprehensive financial account protection (retirement, investment, etc.)
    Starts at $6.67/month
    All-in-one protection (identity theft, fraud, antivirus, etc.)
    Starts at $12/month
    LifeLock by Norton
    Identity alerts and recovery support
    Starts at $7.50/month
    IdentityForce by TransUnion
    Credit monitoring and reporting
    Starts at $17.99/month
    Experian IdentityWorks
    Credit score updates and monitoring
    Premium plan starts at $24.99/month
    Online information management
    Starts at $14.95/month
    IDWatchdog by Equifax
    Retirement account protection
    Starts at $14.95/month

    Note: Pricing may be based on discounts via annual plans or other promotions. Monthly plans may cost more.  

    What Can Seniors Do To Protect Themselves From Identity Theft?

    Even the top identity theft protection services can't keep seniors entirely safe from the growing number of threats out there. Complete protection requires a multi-faceted approach. 

    Whether you're looking to protect yourself or an elderly family member, here are some steps you can take to better protect yourself from identity theft:

    • Know the signs. The faster you recognize the warning signs of identity theft, the better chance you have of stopping it. Learn the red flags of a scam, including how to avoid grandparent scams, phishing, and social engineering attacks. Also, educate yourself about the early identifiers of ID theft — such as denied credit and unfamiliar or missing mail. 
    • Watch your financial accounts and credit reports. Check your account statements regularly, and verify all transactions. You should also request and review your free credit reports at If you spot new accounts, consider placing a credit freeze to stop all future lending. 
    • Update and strengthen your passwords. Update your passwords regularly, using unique and complex passwords for each account. Set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) when available for extra security. 
    • Audit your online accounts. Go through your online and social media accounts, and reduce the amount of personal information that you post and share. Use Identity Guard's privacy checkup to find out if your email address or passwords were involved in a data breach.  
    • Secure your devices. Install antivirus software on your devices, and run regular scans to rid them of any malware. Don't delay or ignore device and software updates, which patch security vulnerabilities. 
    • Practice safe browsing. Avoid sharing personal data and clicking on unfamiliar links. Look for HTTPS extensions and padlock icons on all websites. 

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    The Bottom Line: Seniors Deserve Strong Scam Protection

    Identity thieves prey on the most vulnerable people, a group that includes senior citizens. 

    When it comes to safeguarding yourself and your family members, don't settle for second best. Get the most reliable identity theft protection for seniors, and let Identity Guard manage your family’s identities and accounts. You'll know the moment fraudsters try anything and will be equipped to shut them down right away.

    Save on award-winning identity theft protection. Get 33% off Identity Guard today.

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